General Appliance Repair is a family owned business which proudly serves its clients for 15 years. We offer high-quality quick reliable service both for residential and commercial appliances. We repair all types of appliance. Also, we do scheduled maintenance and provide necessary appliance parts if needed.

All our customers are covered by a satisfaction guarantee. Our area of service includes Rockland County and the surrounding area. Call us today for professional appliance repair services.



Nowadays our houses are literally packed with various appliances. We use the washing machine to save energy, water and time; we use laundry machine for delicate care, we use different freezers for cooling meals, drinks, wine. But all these appliances also need care and maintenance. And this task should be performed only by real professionals.

In General Appliance Repair we guarantee totally professional approach and perfect service. We respect our customers and their needs. You can be sure that our specialists will explain you everything about your appliance in clear simple language. We are proud to say that a lot of our customers return to us. We repair all types of residential appliance. We charge by the job and tell the price beforehand, so you will always know how much you will pay.



If you’re using a lot of appliances for commercial purposes, you know how expensive is each day of down time. That is why it is necessary to know some reliable appliance repair service which has the same day service and a satisfaction guarantee. Here, at General Appliance Repair we offer high-quality services for the commercial appliance.

We do schedule maintenance and preventive repair for all types of commercial appliance: bar coolers, walk-in freezers, sandwich preparation tables, pizza tables. We also offer the same day service for all types of commercial appliance.


Residential microwaves are great for those people who prefer faster cooking. Microwaves are lowering energy consumption and help us to nuke something in a quick way. And if your microwave is broken or doesn’t work the best solution will be to ask professionals from General Appliance repair for help. We are able to fix any residential microwave and make it working again. So for microwave repair, call us if you live in Clarkstown, NY, and the surrounding areas.
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Dryers are very convenient for getting your clothes and other household items ready for the further use. But if the residential dryer is broken is may cause some frustration as nobody wants to wait for a long time while clothes will be dry. General Appliance Repair does residential dryer repair and maintenance. We offer the same day service so your dryer will be repaired quickly. So call us up today if you live in Haverstraw, NY, or Rockland County.
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Dishwasher machine guarantees that all your plates and dishes will be clean and sanitized. But if the dishwashing machine has some malfunctions or doesn’t work at all it is better to call the technician. General Appliance Repair has all necessary appliance parts and components to make your dishwasher work again. So if you need a residential dishwasher repair and maintenance in Orangetown, NY, or Ramapo, NY, or in the area of Rockland County; call us today.
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The residential washing machine is quite helpful for the modern household. Dirty laundry is not a problem anymore as you don’t have to spend a lot of time to get it clean. The washing machine will do everything. But if the washing machine doesn’t function it may cause a real headache as each family constantly needs clean clothes. General Appliance Repair will help you to get your laundry machine up and running quickly. So if you’re having a problem in the Stoney Point area or anywhere in the Rockland Country area, call us today!
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Good reliable stove top and oven are the very important things in the kitchen. They help to cook perfect meals and bake tasty cookies. Our experienced technicians will take care of your kitchen appliance if something will happen with them. We do residential ovens repair stove tops and ranges maintenance So if you live in the village of Airmont, NY, or Chestnut Ridge, NY, or the Rockland County area; call us at General Appliance Repair, and we can fix your problem.
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Vent hoods are very important to keep your kitchen clean and tidy. They take away all odors and make the air fresh. When they are broken it may cause some frustration and make your kitchen not a very pleasant place. So if you need a residential vent hood maintenance and repair in the village of Grand-View-on-Hudson, NY, or Haverston, NY, and within the Rockland County area; call us today at General Appliance Repair to take care of your extractor hood.
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If you are the owner of little landr-o-mat or you have your own laundry appliances for the hotel or restaurant you already know about the importance of the seamless operation of such appliance. General Appliance Repair offers commercial laundry appliances repair which can be completed the same day. So call us today if you’re having problems with your laundry appliance in the Hillburn, NY, and Kaser, NY- area, or anywhere within the Rockland County area.
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Commercial walk-in freezers are the very important part of the business. It stores food which may cost thousands of dollars and it can’t be spoiled. That is why timely maintenance of commercial freezers is so important. General Appliance Repair has qualified technicians with the experience in commercial walk-in freezers repair. So just call us today, General Appliance Repair, if you live in the Montebello, NY, or New Hempstead, NY-area, or anywhere in Rockland County.
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Each food service business, restaurant, or any place that serves cold drinks is equipped with bar cooler. Keeping the drinks cool is necessary for the successful business. And even one day of down time can bring losses. So if you have a problem with your bar cooler in the Rockland County area in such places as New Square, NY, and Nyack, NY; call us and we’ll send out an experienced technician to take care of your problem.
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Steam tables are great for keeping the food warm. They can be used for big restaurants, little cafes, buffets, and catering. Even food trucks use them. That is why it is important to have steam table repaired as soon as possible. Our experienced technicians are available for the same day repair. So if you have a problem with a steam table in Piermont, NY, or Pomona, NY, or the Rockland county area; call us at General Appliance Repair.
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Pizza table is great for the business which makes a lot of pizzas. It helps to store all ingredients cool and keep them within reach. But when the pizza table is out of order it may cause a lot of problems and slow down all process of piazza-making. Our experienced technicians know how to repair pizza table quickly and with a guarantee. So call us at General Appliance Repair do this service in the villages of Sloatsburg, NY, and South Nyack, NY, in Rockland County.
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If your food business is about street food and fast food deep fryer will be one of the most frequently used appliances in your kitchen. And if it is out of order it may cause the frustration among your regular customers. That is why it is necessary to repair you deep fryer quickly. General Appliance Repair has experienced technicians which do even the same day repair. So for deep fryer repair, call us if you live in Pomona, NY, Montebello, NY and the surrounding areas.
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